3 Winter Shrubs for a More Colorful Landscape

Some regions of the country have landscapes marked by sparkling snowscapes and vibrant evergreens. We may not get much snow for our holiday landscapes in Woodstock, but we certainly don’t lack color. If your yard is looking a little brown, revitalize it with these 6 winter shrubs to plant in Woodstock.

What to Look for in Winter Shrubs

A good winter shrub isn’t just hardy. It must capture the eye to revitalize a dreary landscape. When searching for winter plants for your landscape, look for these traits:

  • Colorful berries to add a pop of color (and attract vibrant winter birds)
  • Slender, elegant branches that add grace to a winter garden
  • Evergreen foliage or cold-hardy flowers
  • Eye-catching branches with an interesting texture or colorful bark

Winter Shrubs for Woodstock Gardens

  • Hutcheson Horticulture HollyHolly: There’s a reason we deck the halls this time of year. Boughs of holly have rich, glossy leaves in deep green tones. Most holly bushes also have bright red berries that add festive cheer to your yard.
  • Plum yew: These deer-resistant evergreens have dark, shiny leaves reminiscent of needles. Plum yew shrubs grow into nice hedges and make for excellent ground cover. Evergreens are ideal for adding life to dormant Woodstock landscapes.
  • Yellow twig dogwood: Although they bloom in the spring, yellow twig dogwoods provide striking winter color due to the golden hue of their branches.

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