Adding Beauty to the Home with Landscaping Pavers

Landscape pavers are ideal materials for creative landscaping and hardscaping (designing with rocks and stone). Durable and available in a wide array of colors, shapes, materials and finishes, landscape pavers can dress up a plain lawn or make a small space look larger for any home or business.


Pavers can be used for:

  • meditation corners
  • patios
  • swimming pool surrounds
  • fire pits
  • outdoor fireplaces and kitchens
  • borders for driveways
  • gardens

Varietyhardscape path

Landscape pavers are any flat material that can function as a safe foothold in a lawn or garden. the variety of materials, finishes and colors is nearly limitless:

  • Belgian block—large, rough-cut stones some eight inches by four inches by four inches, though other sizes are available
  • Brick—very common, completely flexible in design options, and having a worthy heritage hundreds of years old
  • Cast stone—cast stone can be formulated in a rainbow of colors
  • Cobblestone—usually granite cut to appear like the ancient cobbles, or river stones with rounded corners
  • Concrete—either plain or decorated with inlay and color
  • Steel—steel pieces can be added as highlights and accents, and can even be laid with lights inside them
  • Natural Stone—granite, bluestone or sandstone
  • Tile—extremely durable and easily maintained

In addition to these solid choices, permeable paving materials include crushed stone, recycled materials such as rubber and plastics and open-celled concrete blocks.


When you team with a hardscaping design professional at Hutcheson Horticultural Company, no part of your property is an obstacle. Pavers can work around trees, handle irregular property lines, accent a stamped pattern driveway, or form a dramatic pathway to your front door.

Patterns and Eye-Poppers

No matter the material, you have many choices of arranging your landscape pavers in patterns:

  • Herringbone
  • Running bond
  • Basket weave
  • Circular motifs

Patterns or no patterns? Random flagstone shapes may be more appealing to you than strict brick patterns. You can consider the spaces between pavers to be part of the design:

  • crushed stone—allows easy drainage into the sand bed beneath
  • grass—kept neatly mown, this adds a lovely thread of green throughout your hardscaping
  • contrasting material—line a flagstone walkway with cut brick

When working with Hutcheson Horticultural Company, our design experts will share design ideas you may not have considered. A patio in plain pavers comes alive when broken up with cast concrete hexagons imprinted with whimsical designs. A garden walkway in rough brick yields sunset surprises with interspersed steel pavers gently glowing from low wattage lights within. Landscape pavers know no bounds. Contact us today for a free estimate involving all of your metro Atlanta hardscaping needs.