Celebrate Arbor Day in Woodstock!

It’s almost Arbor Day! If you are thinking it’s too soon for this national holiday, you are correct. The National Arbor Day for 2016 is not until Friday April 29th, but Georgia has its own Arbor Day, celebrated on the third Friday in February, which happens to be the 19th this year. This is a big deal for us at Hutcheson Horticultural because we live and breathe trees. We love any holiday that celebrates the woody, leafy giants! Planting trees in Woodstock

Georgia’s very first Arbor Day was declared publicly by the Georgia General Assembly in 1890. Later, in 1941, the General Assembly set aside the third Friday in February as the official State Arbor Day. The reason Georgia has a different Arbor Day than the national is due to our climate. Most trees planted that late in April would not survive, ergo, Georgia had to establish a different date for the day of tree planting.

To celebrate Georgia’s Arbor Day, the city of Woodstock is having an Arbor Day Celebration on the 19th with a free seedling and tree care guide giveaway for all in attendance. The booklet will have important information on caring for, planting and pruning your trees, and this year they will be giving out 800 seedlings to plant! The seedlings include Dogwood, Crape Myrtle, Redbud, and Red Maple. Stop by between 8am and 5pm at the Woodstock City Hall Annex, the CIty of Woodstock’s Magnolia Hall, William G. Long Senior Center, and Woodstock Visitor’s Center/Dean’s Store.

Hutcheson Horticulture has a wide selection of trees for you to plant and accentuate your yard! The best time to plant trees in Georgia is between November and mid-March, so get your trees, and get planting!