Celebrate March 12th With Us!

At Hutcheson Horticultural in Woodstock Georgia, we feel every day is a great day to plant a flower. You will want to be mindful, of course, of their optimal planting time, and base it on their growing season, but there is always something to be planted. We find that it is very common amongst our customers to be concerned about this when planting their flowers. We want to alert you to to a very special day to us. March 12th is plant a flower day, and here at Hutcheson Horticultural, we have all you need to prepare for this day! 

Day Lily

Flowers We Offer At Hutch Hort

We have several varieties of flowers that you can see in the Flowers section our Plant Gallery, and our friendly and helpful staff would love to help you find just the right ones for your yard, and maintenance preferences. Once you choose your flowers, you will want to follow these steps to plant them!

Step 1: Plan out where you want your flowers to be planted- this will help you “see” how they will look before you go through the work of actually planting them.

Step 2: Gently separate the roots with your fingers- this will help them take root in the ground

Step 3: Dig a hole a little wider than the plant itself- this will allow the flower to take root in hole that is just the right size

Step 4: Sprinkle fertilizer in the bottom of the hole-this will get the fragile plant off to a great start!
So, do not forget to plant a flower from Hutcheson Horticultural on March 12th in honor of this great day!