Create Feng Shui In Your Garden Or Yard

We are sure you have heard of something being Feng Shui, but do you know what it actually means? Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water. Having “good feng shui” is generally thought to bring good health and good fortune, with the opposite being “bad feng shui”, associated with bad luck or misfortune. At Hutcheson Horticultural, we think whatever it believed to increase your good luck is worth a second look!

The first step to creating a garden with good feng shui, which will translate to your home as well as your life, is to create a good design. Even in a small space, if you have the correct design, you can feel at peace and bring good vibes into your life. You will want to plan our your garden by drawing out your space with a nine-square grid over the top.  Next, you will want to map out your hardscapes, and flowers with the cardinal directions in mind.  You will want to choose the correct hardscape, shrubs and flowers next, which Hutcheson Horticulture can help you with! The next thing you will need is a water fixture. If you already have a pool, we can help beautify it with our hardscapes, and custom pool beautification services.

Feng Shui GridGraphic from:

With a little help from Hutcheson Horticultural, you can make your backyard or garden work for you by creating good luck and prosperity for your home!