December Tips

Happy December, everyone! A new month, of course, brings new monthly tips! Here is what we recommend for the month of December.

Continue Leaf RemovalHolly

It is okay; maybe you did not get a chance to rake and bag all of the leaves from autumn yet. With the unseasonably mild weather we have been having, now is the perfect time to get out there and do it, before old man winter decides to bring another “snow-pocalypse” like he did in 2014.

Continue Flower Maintenance

Just because you already planted your flowers for spring, does not mean you can just forget about your beds! Keep the weeds out by maintaining that flower bed, even in the cooler months.

Apply Post-Emergent to Control Weeds

Post-emergents are those weed killers specially designed for weeds that are already growing. You will want to apply this now, before they have gone to seed, but after they have begun to grow.

Complete Installation of Spring Flowering Bulbs

Like the leaves discussed earlier, if you did not get around to planting your bulbs, now is your chance! You will thank yourself in the Spring when beautiful flowers sprout seemingly out of nowhere!

Install Burlapped Trees and Shrubs

Now is a great time to plant your trees and shrubs! Get out this weekend and start!

Complete Cutting Back Perennials

Chances are, your perennials are looking a little ragged about now. It will bring you peace of mind to see those dead plants gone.

Stay tuned for more monthly tips!