February Tips

Happy February! With a new month comes new tips from your friends at Hutcheson Horticulutal. Check out some things you should be doing in the month of February.Crape Myrtle

  • Complete cutting back Liriope and Ornamental Grasses – this will prepare the ground for the new spring growth
  • Begin Pruning Crape Myrtles – February is the best month for this as the tree should be completely dormant at this point. Crape Myrtles begin to go dormant in December, but it takes a few months for them to complete the process. You will want to prune them when they are dormant so you can better see the structure and frame of the shrub.
  • Complete pruning of deciduous summer flower shrubs – you will want to do this before spring growth begins, making February the perfect time
  • Complete leaf removal from shrub beds and turf area – this will prepare them for spring growth.
  • Continue flower maintenance – Continue deadheading, fertilization and weeding as necessary
  • Cut back Roses as needed. Apply pre-emergent to turf and planting beds to better control spring weeds.
  • Apply post-emergent to control weeds as necessary –  You will want to get a head start on this to prevent your weeds from becoming unmanageable as the weeds get stronger in the warmer weather
  • Install Balled and Burlapped trees and shrubs – now is the best time because February is the end of the dormant season for many plants. By planting them now, they will experience the full growing season in the spring.
  • Install new mulch in shrub beds not only to make your beds look nicer, but also to help your plants retain moisture for the warmer months coming
  • Install bare root material

Happy planting, and pruning, Woodstock!