Finding Your Ideal Landscape Design

Spring is on its way, and with all that warmth and sunshine comes the anticipation of a wonderful patio season. Designing the perfect landscape can be a finicky business, and a little experience can help when balancing aesthetics with functionality.

finding your perfect landscape

If you’re looking to create the perfect yard this summer, try working with a landscape architect who can help you figure out your unique landscape style. Not only can they create a beautiful outdoor space, an architect can also help you solve practical problems. Drainage and upkeep can be tricky in Woodstock, and having a professional eye can ensure that your yard stays fun and easy to maintain.

If you’re still working out your vision, browse a few popular design styles to see what suits your taste. A good landscape architect can bring your unique ideas to life in your own back yard. Whether you’re looking for a classic cottage style yard with cozy benches and bright gardens, or a modern Asian garden with rocky accents and winding paths, the limit is your imagination.

Once you’ve discovered your style, experiment with a few of your favorite touches. Garden paths can define the look of your yard, as well as providing a relaxing walk to enjoy at the end of your day. Simple mulch paths are affordable and create a natural look, while gravel and stone paths lend a more refined air to your yard. While the latter may cost a little more upfront, stone paths require little maintenance and create a look you can enjoy for years to come.

Head on over to Hutcheson Horticultural and meet one of their landscape architects to help realize your outdoor vision today. Whether your style is extravagant, bright, or relaxed, Hutcheson helps you create a beautiful and functional yard for your Woodstock home!