Horticulture and Floriculture Basics

Whether nature lover, history lover, or fragrance lover, there are a variety of reasons to add specific plants to your landscape. We love reading up on the different gardens and collections from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! At Hutcheson Horticultural Company, we make it our business to find inspiration in different plant varieties and combinations that make for great gardens. This is because Horticulture is in our name!

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

By definition, horticulture isthe science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants. We strive to continually grow in this science so that we can create unique one-of-a-kind landscaped designs for our residential and business customers.

As experts in horticulture, we also work in floriculture. At Hutcheson Horticultural Company we take the art and science of floriculture quite serious. We are able to add just the right splashes of color in the right seasons to really make your landscape pop visually. In addition to sparking the visual senses, we are also able to tease the sense of smell with lusciously fragrant plant varieties to make your landscape a feast for the senses!

While the term horticulture points to the science and art of growing plant varieties, let’s not forget that there is an art in designing specific arrangements as well. Contact our floriculture team to make your 2015 landscape and garden in north Georgia the best you’ve ever seen!