Hostas Are The Perfect Perennial!

If you have ever had a garden (flower or otherwise) you have probably planted hostas. The hosta plant is one of the most versatile, and easy to care for plants for beginners. They are, in fact, the number one selling plant in America, and known as the “perfect perennial”! Let’s find out what makes them so appealing! Hosta 'Wide Brim'

Hostas like shade and sun

Hostas are considered ‘shade tolerant’ plants, meaning although they do not like hot, afternoon sun, they are pretty tolerant of both.

The best fertilizer is water

Although we do suggest fertilizing all of your plants, hostas are one of those that do not necessarily need a ton of expensive fertilizer, spread out through multiple applications. Those hosta enthusiasts that do fertilize, only do it about once a year.

How to get started with your baby hostas

When deciding where to put your new babies, try to select an area with loose, and well-drained soil that gets mostly shade, but not all shade. They are also relatively tolerant to pests, but are also not good for animals (due to their poisonous leaves), so be sure to watch Fido closely if you plant them. They can be planted throughout the growing season, which includes summer and fall, just as long as they are given adequate moisture, especially in warmer climates such as Georgia.

What about mulch?

While it is not necessary to mulch around your hostas, many people choose to do so, at least until they are well-established. The biggest benefit is it will help with slugs, as they are one of the only pests that will harm your plants.

At Hutcheson Horticultural, we offer several different hostas to choose from! Click here to visit our plant gallery, and stop on by to see them!