July Landscaping Tips in Georgia

We are in the midst of the summer heat. While the sun’s rays may keep you indoors or avoiding sunlight in the heat of the day, it is important to remember that your shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass are still exposed to this heat. In addition to making sure that all foliage is properly hydrated throughout the summer, keep this helpful list of July landscaping tips handy.July Lawn and Garden

Throughout July Hutcheson Horticultural Company recommends that commercial business and private owned homes should maintain landscaping with the following:

Basic lawncare maintenance

Yards should be mowed, bushes and shrubs should be trimmed, and borders along sidewalks and driveways should be edged on a regular basis. Neglect of these three basic tasks will lead to a much bigger job in the long run.

Prune shrubs as needed

Even with the heat, the growing season is upon us. It is easy to let those shrubs get out of hand, but proper pruning keeps them under control.

Inspect landscaping elements regularly

With a growing list of invasive plants and animals, it is important to be observant of any possible infestation in your private or business landscape. Notify Hutcheson Horticultural Company with any concerns that you may have.

Flower maintenance should be continued

Watering flowers, weeding flower beds, and removing dead or dying plants is all part of the regular care involved in keeping beautiful floriculture enhancements alive and well.

Weed control

The summer heat is an optimal time for those weeds to get in and take over. Hearty varieties will suck the life out of your luscious green grass and take over. Keep up with week control with the help of professional services or the do-it-yourself version.

Maintain your irrigation

Whether you have an irrigation system or water with a sprinkler and hose, keep an eye on the tools that you use. Irrigation systems take an attentive eye to watch for leaks or clogs.

We hope that the remainder of July finds both you and your landscape well. Contact Hutcheson Horticultural Company with any support that you need in your lawncare maintenance program.