June Tips

Happy June, everyone! At the start of every month we like to provide some helpful tips from your friends here at Hutcheson Horticultural, and June is no exception. Check out some of our suggestions for maintaining a healthy, beautiful yard this June. June daisies

  • Mow, trim, and edge lawn areas: It is important to maintain your lawn, especially in the summer. Here in Georgia, it can be difficult to get that lush looking lawn and even more difficult if it is not maintained properly. If you need help maintaining your lawn this summer, contact the experts at Hutcheson Horticultural for an estimate.
  • Prune shrubs as needed: Having a properly manicured lawn is all about proper maintenance. Do not let your shrubs get out of hand; proper maintenance will mean for a much easier job in the summer heat.
  • Inspect trees, shrubs, and turf for insects and disease: Regardless of how much maintenance you do, if your trees, shrubs, or turf has insects or is diseased, it will be a waste of time. Hutcheson Horticultural can maintain your lawn and garden to prevent this from happening.
  • Continue flower maintenance: This will further enhance the beauty of your yard, and make summer entertaining that much easier!
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs, and apply post-emergent as needed: This will help the plants prepare for next year
  • Apply slow-release fertilizer to warm season turf, and complete seasonal color installation: Fertilizer will help give your warm season turf the nutrients it needs to combat the very warm weather we are going to have.
  • Check and adjust your irrigation system: This will ensure your turf and plants are being properly hydrated throughout the summer.
  • Hydroseed lovegrass and warm season grasses: Doing this now will help prepare your turf for the warm weather ahead and give your grass a fighting chance