Keeping a Healthy Lawn with Proper Lawn Mower Height

          Driving down your neighborhood streets, you get to see some of your neighbors’ lawn projects. Some probably look outstanding, while some are still a work in progress. Then you drive by a lawn that looks dead. Was it a bug, a drought, or was it cut too low? It’s the age-old question when it comes to your lawn, but believe it or not, lawn height plays a HUGE role in the health of your lawn. Proper technique will create a low-maintenance and drought-resistant lawn, so we made a list of tips for you to keep in mind:

Mow your grass to the right height.

  1. Season

          Depending on the type of grass you have, cutting lengths will differ by season. That said, the idea is the same for all grasses. During their growing season, keep your mower higher off the ground!

  1. Shade

          Yards can be all shapes and sizes, with grass getting all kinds of different sunlight. Grass growing under shady trees should be mowed a little higher than grass in direct sunlight.

  1. Type

          There are two types of growing patterns for grass: cool-season and warm-season. As you know, some of the most common types of grass in Georgia are Bermuda and St. Augustine. Both of these grasses are warm-season growers, so their peak growth occurs in the summer. Bermuda grass should be kept between .5-2.5 inches, while St. Augustin is a little taller and should be kept from 1-3 inches.

          Depending on your yard type, there may be many other factors to consider when moving your lawn. Our experienced lawn team have seen it all, and will take care of everything with one of our maintenance lawn plans. Just leave it to us!