Landscaping with Man’s Best Friend in Mind

It is no wonder that dogs have been known as man’s best friend with the faithful love and companionship that they provide. Even with the joy that comes from being a canine owner, there is often sorrow as life expectancies do not match those of the human companion. However, there are several things that can be put in place to help prolong the comfort and longevity of Fido.dogs and landscaping

Many may automatically jump to the subject of food. And while a balanced and nutritious diet is important, we want to focus in on how to landscape in a manner that is friendly to our four-legged friends. After all, the outdoor space that surrounds our homes is often enjoyed by man and Fido.

Don’t Give Up Your Garden

Just because you are a dog lover, it does not mean that you have to give up your garden. There are plenty of options available to encourage dogs to have their space for romping and playing. The following tips are adapted from How to Landscape a Dog Friendly Garden:


Pay close attention to the size and material with which you use to fill in your flower beds. You’ll want to make sure that the mulch is not so fine that it gets jammed in the pads of those puppy paws.

Running and Playing

Provide and open space or a wide path that gently winds for your furry friend to have a place to run and play. Offering this space, lined with gentle boundary stones or low wooden borders such as driftwood, will allow dogs to be guided in their area and remain (mostly) outside of flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Border Materials

When installing border materials, think about what materials will help hinder your pooch from entering but be gentle at the same time. Driftwood, as mentioned above, works well as a border. Stones also provide a nice border to help identify where Fluffy should stay.

If you are ready for a backyard makeover that will work for you and your dog, contact Hutcheson Horticultural Company today. We’re more than happy to provide a consultation with options that will work for you and your furry friend.