Light Up the Night with Landscaping Lights

During the day, all features of a house are easy to see. At night, those features can’t be seen. Landscape lighting can help to accent those parts of your yard through a specially designed system of illumination. Not only does accent lighting help to show your home, it also helps keep your home more secure and your yard safer. lighing landscape night

Hutcheson Horticultural company will design a system of lighting in your yard that will use soft LED lights in key places in your yard. If you desire more illumination, they can also install lighted fountains and statues as well.

One aspect of Landscape lighting is to accent key parts of your home. However, this isn’t as simple as just putting lights in various parts of your yard. Hutcheson uses strategic placement of the lights to provide balance and warmth to the yard’s illumination.

It’s a well known fact that well lit homes are a deterrent to intruders. However, most security lighting is very harsh and bright and only placed in certain spots on the property. The eye doesn’t adjust as well to shadows that would provide hiding spaces. Landscape lighting utilizes the eye’s ability to adjust faster from dim lighting, and the amount and placement of lighting gives less darkened space for anyone to hide in.

Aside from being secure, landscape lighting makes a yard safer to walk through, It emphasizes hazards like pools, steps and uneven ground, or things in your yard that it would be easy to trip over. The strategic lighting also comes into play because brighter lights can make some hazards more difficult to see.

Hutcheson Horticultural will provide, along with their other landscaping services, a custom lighting system to illuminate your yard and make it feel like home.


By Exscape Designs (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons