May Tips

Welcome to May! May is the fifth month of the year, and a time where the dormant earth finds its energy again and springs to life with new growth! Here at Hutcheson Horticultural in Woodstock Georgia, we love the springtime and want to suggest a few friendly reminders for the month of MayMay flower with butterfly

  • Mow, trim, and edge your lawn-Yes, it is that time again. The time when the smell of freshly cut grass becomes the norm, so get out there and mow your lawn!
  • Prune shrubs as needed– We do not blame you for not pruning in the cold, winter months, but now that the weather is warmer, it is time to maintain the shrubbery.
  • Check on and maintain your flowers and trees-It is time to take inventory. Check on your trees, shrubs, and turf to ensure they do not have any sign of disease or infestation, and deadhead, fertilize, and weed your flower garden.
  • Prune flowering shrubs– After blooming is complete, you will want to go ahead and prune these. It will help maintain, and help sustain them
  • Cut back spring bulbs after foliage dies naturally-The same mentality goes for these. By cutting them back, it will help make your yard look nicer (as you will not have dead flowers) and help perennials with their regrowth process.
  • Apply both pre-emergent, as well as post-emergent for weed control to flower beds as necessary-to help control weed growth
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, and groundcovers-this will help them, and prepare them for the warmer months ahead
  • Continue seasonal color installation and install summer flowering bulbs– Now is the perfect time for your plant babies to grow and thrive
  • Hydroseed your grass-this will help with new growth

We hope everyone has a wonderful May, and continue growing into the year with Hutcheson Horticultural!