New Year’s Resolutions for the Landscape

If you’re dreaming of a lush spring lawn, now is the time to make a few New Year’s resolutions that apply to your landscaping. Resolve to make this year your lawn’s most beautiful year ever!

lawn mower

Here are just a few resolutions to consider making this year:

Plant winter shrubs: Many people think the spring is the only time of year to plant, but there are plenty of hardy shrubs you can plant this winter. Winter shrubs can add color to your landscape with their berries and flowers.

Install a water garden: Looking at, and listening to, a water feature can really bring you peace and tranquility. They’re not as expensive to install as you think, either.

Trim trees and bushes: Trimming the trees and bushes in your yard can really make a huge difference. It will neaten your yard and make your home safer. Call a professional if you aren’t sure what to do, or how to do it.

Conserve water: Make this year the year you save water. If you currently water your lawn, there are plenty of ways to conserve. Check out the best hours of the day to water (these change with the seasons), look into a ‘drip’ system, or simply cut back on the number of minutes you water each week.

Don’t mow the wrong way: Don’t mow a wet yard, and don’t over mow. Mowing a wet yard can actually damage its roots, and over mowing makes your yard susceptible to disease. If it looks like you don’t need to mow, don’t! If the yard is wet, wait!

Consider these New Year’s Resolutions for your landscaping and enjoy your yard all year long! Visit Hutcheson Horticultural Company in Woodstock, GA to make your dream landscape a reality! Check out this blog for winter seasonal tips and getting your lawn ready for spring