Nocturnal Gardens: Magic in Your Backyard


                            “Moon Blossom”

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and magical nature can be at night? Even during chilly seasons like the fall, your outdoor green space can be amazing to behold during the nighttime. It is even possible to plant certain types of plants with silvery foliage to create lovely nocturnal gardens for your enjoyment and draw in some lovely nocturnal wildlife/insects! Woodstock, Georgia’s Hutcheson Horticultural Company has found a fantastic infographic to help explain how to do this from, just in time for next week’s Halloween full moon on Tuesday, October 27th!

Planning Your Space

There are a few points about the infographic below that should be mentioned when planning your nocturnal garden. Consider placement of plants, types of plants and scents of plants; also, consider placement of your space in the garden – you will want a space to relax that feels safe and cozy. Other items you may wish to plan include: gentle garden lighting (it’s not a full moon every night after all), privacy from neighbors (shrubs, hedges, lattice, etc.) and other aesthetics, such as a flowing fountain to distract from street or other area noise.

Plant Suggestions for Nighttime Gardens

The following plants are mere suggestions for your garden, many of which have lovely scents, are white, light, pale or silvery (giving a glowing effect at night) and attract certain insects, like fluttering moths (which may draw bats as well). These plants include:

  • Lilium regale – Album
  • Hesperis matronalis – Sweet Rocket
  • Ipomoea alba – Moonflower
  • Honeysuckle
  • Verbena bonariensis
  • Stachys byzantina
  • Santolina chamaecyparissus
  • Sage Salvia Officinalis – Tricolor

Fun in the Garden

If you have kids, get them involved with a couple of fun activities, like creating a safe moth trap or making a bat box! Both activities can be excellent learning opportunities and simply be good for bonding time. Don’t have kids? You can still have fun doing these activities yourself, with friends or a loved one!

Check out this incredibly helpful infographic from Fix.Com:


If you want to plan or incorporate elements of a nighttime garden with your current landscape design, but are not sure how to proceed, Hutcheson Horticultural Company would be happy to help! Please contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our design services by calling 770-924-1001. Our friendly team looks forward to helping your green space transform into a magical nocturnal garden!