Repel Pests The Natural Way!

As summer officially gets underway, you have probably already planted your flowers and vegetables in a garden, or had Hutcheson Horticultural’s group of experts help with your residential installation service needs. As you watch your plants begin to flourish and bloom, you may notice some undesired dinner guests that have begun feasting on your beautiful plants. We know this is a problem for many flower and vegetable gardeners, so we would like to offer some natural, chemical-free ways to keep a variety of unwanted pests out of your garden. Snail eating plant

Companion Plants

Nature has a wonderful way of keeping some pests away simply by not attracting them to certain flowers and herbs. Regardless if you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden, if you plant these gems around the perimeter, plant-eating insects as well as deer will not come near your flowers or veggies. Plants like turmeric, hot peppers, along with several herbs can keep your veggies safe from all kinds of undesired nuisances.

If you are looking for a flowering plant to keep unwanted pests from your garden, there is a wide variety of beautiful choices! Marigolds have been known to repel deer and rabbits, while petunias are natural aphid, tomato hornworm, asparagus beetle, leafhopper and squash bug repellents. Even ground cover like lantana has been known to naturally repel mosquitos! Most likely, if you have a pest, there is a flower, herb, or other plant that will serve as a natural repellant for it.

Find out more, and discover all of Hutcheson Horticultural’s natural pest repelling plants by visiting Hutcheson Horticultural! Our friendly and helpful experts will walk you through all you need to know about plants and their natural abilities to repel unwanted pests.