The Heat is On

If you return from walking the dog, or mowing the lawn and are simply dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity, then you are not alone! As miserable as it is for you, don’t forget to consider what the heat is doing to the landscaping around your yard.

Thirsty Plants

Keep you grass a luscious green with proper watering. Don’t forget to include trees, flowering plants, and shrubbery. It is best to water early in the morning and in the evening so that more water can be absorbed by the plants rather than evaporating off in the heat of the day.

Consider Planting Heat Resistant Plantssucculent

While cacti and other succulents may be one way to go, don’t forget about a few perennials that will add color and stand the test of the heat. Fall and early spring make for great seasons to plant perennials. When planting in the spring, plants have an opportunity to take root before the summer heat. As a result, they’ll have more of a chance to survive the heat.

Perennial Options

Many perennials withstand the summer heat. A splash of color, can be added with Black-eyed Susans and Zinnias. Lantana is another great option for flower beds and borders. Some of these varieties provide not only a beautiful color, but you will also enjoy the presence of butterflies that are attracted to them.

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