Tips for Tree Planting

Hutcheson Horticultural Company knows trees! With a certified arborist on staff, we have some tree planting tips to help make your task as stress free as possible.  North Georgia Planting


First do your research. Make sure you have selected the right tree for your landscaping needs.  Take into account the size of the area you wish the tree to cover so you select a tree that will properly fit in both height and width. Remember to consider the lifespan of the tree, and growth patterns that will take place above ground and below ground.


Select a tree with good, abundant root growth and good color and moisture. Do you want a shade tree or something with specific form and shape? Do you want fruit trees or do you want to have a hassle free tree?  Make sure to consider all your options. If your new tree comes in a container be sure there are no large circling roots.


Caring for your new tree or trees after they are planted is important. The tree(s) will need to be watered properly; a good soaking, about 30 seconds with a steady stream of water is more than sufficient. Mulching around a new tree promotes water retention. Additionally, mulch will also help regulate the temperatures of the soil.

New tree(s) will remain healthy with proper care given to the surrounding trees as well.  Dead, diseased, or leaning trees should be removed as well as any debris and underbrush.

Strategically placed trees add natural beauty to landscaping for years to come.  With research, hard work, and lots of outdoor love, planting new tree(s) can add value and enjoyment in the outdoor environment.