Tree care for your Landscaping

Several techniques and methods are used in maintaining the health of trees, bushes, and shrubs. It is important to understand how best to take care of these plants in order to keep them healthy and truly enjoy them. With knowledge of various techniques in caring for trees and shrubery, one will understand how how to effectively and naturally promote healthy growth and strong landscaping elements.Pruning

One of the most common techniques used in maintaining trees and their health is pruning. Correct pruning is essential. If pruned incorrectly, damage on trees will last throughout the life of the tree. Trees which are given proper pruning when young will require less pruning once they mature. Keep in mind that routine mature tree thinning does not guarantee that the health of the tree will improve.

Below are some methods used when pruning:



This is used to remove dying, diseased or dead branches or limbs so as to maintain the attractiveness and balance of trees and shrubs.


At the lower part of the tree trunk, limbs that are growing are removed for clearance of environment and safety purposes around the location of the trees. This is mainly done for shrubs planted besides walkways and building walls.


This is like cleaning as it involves removal of branches that are weak. However, this is mainly done for those that may cause crowding. When branches are overcrowded, little sunlight and air passes through. This leads to a change of raw materials circulation which may cause interference with energy sources of plants.


This is done for tall trees placed under electrical cords and utility lines. This needs to be done regularly so as to avoid untold incidents and obstructions. It is done by cutting terminal branches. Lateral branches are later able to assume the roles.

To perform these steps effectively, keep in mind the age, location, and species of tree. Proper pruning will prevent injury to trees and preserve their productivity. Contact Hutcheson Horticultural Company in Woodstock for all of your tree trimming and pruning needs.