You Don’t Have To Use A Canoe to Get To Your Mailbox!

With all of the rain we have been having lately, has your yard turned into a sort of swampy mess? Did you need a canoe a couple of weeks ago to check your mail? These problems could be attributed to your drainage system, or lack thereof. At Hutcheson Horticulture, we want to educate you on why proper yard drainage is so important and how you can fix the problem.

A proper drainage system can solve life’s problems!

Okay, not really, but it can solve problems like:

  • Root Rot for the grass
  • Root rot for your trees and shrubs
  • The nutrients in your soil being washed away
  • Your home from settling
  • Water damage to your home
  • Foundational problems with your home or business

All of the aforementioned problems could be solved with a proper drainage system. You could always just completely redo your lawn with wet sun plants (plants that like sun, and are immune to root rot), but they thrive in areas where it is constantly wet, like in a swamp, so that will not work. Your best bet is to pick up the phone and call Hutcheson Horticultural and ask about our drainage systems. It will save you money in the long run, and will keep your neighbors from thinking you have a swamp.

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