Keeping Perennials Beautiful

Many homeowners and landscapers combine annuals and perennials for a beautiful look in their flower gardens and flower beds. While annuals are planted and enjoyed for the short term, perennials may live on and offer their beauty year after year with proper care. Part of this proper care involves dividing perennials. October is the perfect time to get to work with dividing perennials such as hosta and daylilies.Hosta

Why divide perennials?

Dividing perennials will actually strengthen the plants. Many perennials grow in clusters or clumps and over time these can become so large that the middle dies out. By dividing perennials it allows the plants to maintain health and you can replant them in other areas of the landscape. This also helps blossoming perennials to have more buds and blooms, and it allows you to have more plants throughout your landscape.

How do I divide my perennials?

Better Homes and Gardens suggests gently digging up the entire cluster. Watering the plant and surrounding soil a day in advance will help to soften up the area. When digging up the entire cluster it is important to gently remove any excess soil. This will allow you to have a better visual grasp of the roots. With a better visual, you will be able to determine if you can gently pull apart the cluster or if it needs to be cut. After separating the clusters, it is important to replant the roots as soon as possible so that they don’t dry out.

Dividing perennials is only one task for October fall landscaping maintenance. There are quite a few seasonal needs to keep your landscape beautiful. Hutcheson Horticultural Company in Woodstock, GA is happy to help with dividing perennials and any other landscaping maintenance help that you may need in order to help keep your home or business outdoor environment beautiful. Contact us today for your free estimate.