3 Ways Gardening Is Good for Your Health

Do you want a new spring in your step? Gardening isn’t just a fun hobby; it’s also a great way to stay healthy. All it takes is the right tools and a few smart planting choices. Check out these 3 ways gardening is good for your health. Gardening for … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Mulch

Mulch is the top dressing that protects spring plants from the elements, stifles weeds, and limits evaporation so your plants get more water. A spring mulch refresh is a simple way to make your beds look crisp and clean and help spring plants grow … [Read more...]

Get to Know Hutcheson Horticultural Company

At Hutcheson Horticultural Company, we work diligently to provide the highest quality landscape design, installation, maintenance, and outdoor home enhancements in Woodstock. If your lawn looks shaggy, your landscape is outdated, or your business … [Read more...]

Finding Your Ideal Landscape Design

Spring is on its way, and with all that warmth and sunshine comes the anticipation of a wonderful patio season. Designing the perfect landscape can be a finicky business, and a little experience can help when balancing aesthetics with … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions for the Landscape

If you’re dreaming of a lush spring lawn, now is the time to make a few New Year’s resolutions that apply to your landscaping. Resolve to make this year your lawn’s most beautiful year ever! Here are just a few resolutions to consider making … [Read more...]

3 Winter Shrubs for a More Colorful Landscape

Some regions of the country have landscapes marked by sparkling snowscapes and vibrant evergreens. We may not get much snow for our holiday landscapes in Woodstock, but we certainly don’t lack color. If your yard is looking a little brown, revitalize … [Read more...]

The Best Lawn Care Blogs of 2016

It’s the last month of 2016, and we can’t believe it! 2016 has been a huge year for Hutcheson Horticultural, too. We completed many yard design projects, installed plants in many of your yards, and shared our knowledge of lawn maintenance and design … [Read more...]

We’re Hiring Lawn Care Professionals

You heard us right! We’re looking to hire the best in the business to join the Hutcheson Horticultural crew. Word of mouth about our lawn expertise has gotten around, and our current crew has had to turn down a few bids only because we didn’t have … [Read more...]

Three Trees To Add to Your Atlanta Yard

The cooler months are here and you can finally stop worrying about having to mow your grass. Trimming up hedges and bushes will also slow down. It’s time to start thinking about any large additions you want to make. Adding trees can be a big … [Read more...]

3 Lawn Drainage Sources

Standing water on your lawn not only looks bad, but it kills your grass, is a breeding ground for insects and can even cause erosion. Proper lawn drainage is a crucial part of any yard planning, especially here around Atlanta. If you’ve noticed … [Read more...]