Tree Topping

Hutcheson Horticultural Company is proud to offer tree pruning and trimming services throughout the metro Atlanta area. As a part of this service, we offer a free consultation with our certified arborist to determine what course of action will best meet your tree care needs. Our staff arborist can determine the level of pruning and trimming necessary and a complete check for signs of disease will be completed as well.

Over the years, we have seen what happens when trees are not properly cared for. Tree topping is a fairly common practice that is incredibly harmful. The looming danger is not just for the tree itself, but also for people as the overall structure of the tree is now weakened.

The United States Department of Agriculture warns against three common myths of tree topping. These myths provide support for topping through supposed easier maintenance, added value, and new growth. There are a few things that we want all tree owners to know regarding each of these myths.

Myth #1-Tree Topping Provides New Growth

This is true. When a tree’s branches are cut off in the form of topping, if the tree survives, then new growth is soon to sprout. This results in rapid growth of sucker branches, or branches that shoot off of the existing limbs. While this is indeed new growth, it makes for a weak connection between the older and established portion of the tree and the new growth. As a result, this new growth is prone to break away and fall in the next big windstorm.

Myth #2-Tree Topping Adds Value to Property

Homeowners that are looking to clean up their property in anticipation of hosting an outdoor event, or selling their home, do not need to consider tree topping as a means of adding value. With these trees weakened, and growing weak sucker branches, they are more susceptible to disease. Birds and caterpillars love to snack on those new offshooting branches, and as a result can introduce disease to the tree in an area where it is already weak.

Myth #3-Tree Topping will make Maintenance Easier

Some homeowners top trees and think about avoiding the fall leaf clean up. The sucker branches that shoot out will be sprouting leaves in a season or two. In addition to raking up those leaves, the weak falling branches will require a bit of maintenance as well.

If you are searching for a way to promote the health and value of your trees, it is important to prune and trim them properly. This is a great time of year for pruning. If you are busy with all of the holiday preparations, our pruning team is more than willing to offer a free consultation to determine how to best meet your tree trimming needs in Woodstock.